ham at home*

Since Skinny Bone Jones mentioned prosciutto empanadas last month, I have been obsessed. I am uncertain as to why it's taken me a full month to get around to making them at home, as they are possibly the easiest things ever.

Dinner in three ingredients!

empanada wrappers from the freezer case at the Latino grocery
goat cheese

Thaw the empanada wrapper in the fridge, or, if you're not knocked down with laziness in this heat, make a quick batch of puff pastry dough at home.

Spread a nice blob of soft goat cheese over the empanada, leaving some space around the edge.

Pile on the prosciutto. It helps if you shred it up a bit beforehand.
You can brush the empanadas with a beaten egg before you pop them in the oven, but I was out of eggs, so I skipped this. Whatever.
Bake at about 400 degrees for approximately 20 minutes. You could fry them, too, but I was too lazy to find vegetable oil for this purpose.


*C will find this hilarious. The rest of you: well, just imagine my love of pork, and then think of the logical extension of that love/obsession making its way into the creation of a ham-scented line of air fresheners.

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