closet case

I do not have the greatest track record with closets.

For someone who owns approximately five metric tons of clothing, I keep living in places that are otherwise lovely, but that require me to cram everything into one or two smallish closets. My current apartment, thank god, has a large front closet and a smallish bedroom closet, but:

This is the front closet. It has no doors. My stuff is just spilling over into the hallway, unfettered, and unprotected from the onslaught of cat hair that comes with having a sheddy obese cat.
(Also, I have no linen closet, so this includes towels, laundry supplies, etc., all hanging out with my coats and shirts and pants. Yes, the other closet is devoted entirely to dresses, and no, I will not apologize for that.)

Six yards of mid-weight cotton duck, a borrowed sewing machine, and a trip to Ikea later:

It is absurd how grown-up and accomplished storage boxes make me feel.

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