liquid diet

I am trying to be responsible and keep track of what I actually ingest so as not to become morbidly obese (we're going to ignore those post-bar grilled cheese sandwiches from Sunday night, Tom), and so am keeping a list of Things I Ate. This is done with the hope that it will make me think twice before eating cheese grits for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
(Yes, that happened. What? It was, um, Columbus Day. It's a holiday. Sort of.)

I noticed that the "snack" column on this Things I Ate for the past two weeks contains the following:
  • red wine
  • scotch
  • gin
  • bourbon
  • champagne
  • bourbon
  • scotch
  • High Life
...and nothing else.
Oh. Oops.

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M said...

i like these snacks, where can i get a multi-pack??