née theodosia burr goodman

Arab Death, with snakes. (Formerly with much more eye makeup, but this was taken at the very end of the evening.)

Costume success, finally. The inspiration photos:

A loose inspiration, obviously, but one cannot really create an eight-foot train of peacock feathers on a nonprofit salary.

Costume components:
-black velvet dress, purchased at thrift store and altered from long-sleeved down to sleeveless/backless
-three rubber snakes from the dollar store, spray-painted gold
-long fake pearl necklace
-lots of gold ribbon to tie things to my head
-$3 fan from Chinatown
-loads of gold braid
-58 peacock feathers
...put together with Matty's sewing machine, a surprising amount of dental floss, and more hot glue than is healthy.

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