work in progress

In my excitement about making a fantastic Theda Bara costume for Halloween, I seem to have overlooked a few key facts.

1) I can't really sew.
2) Especially when I have no pattern.
3) Stubbornness cannot, in fact, conquer all.

This is what the costume looks like, to date. It is not pleasant.

Yeah, that face sums up exactly how I feel.

But! I do have a can of gold spray paint, and fifty-eight peacock feathers (much to the delight of my cat), and three plastic snakes. Should this, realistically, give me any hope at all? No, but I am ignoring the futility of the endeavor and counting on hot glue to save the day.

Oh god, this is going to end badly, isn't it?

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mrs.j said...

if the snakes and the feathers are spectacular enough, it will blind people to any sub-par sewing abilities or slap-dashery.
this has been the case with any garment i have ever made, for halloween, theatre, or life.