scarlet o'hellyeah

I think a theme song is only appropriate here. (This has totally made its way to The Creepy/Sexy Mix.)

I've had this cape nearly a year now (origin: middle-of-nowhere Nebraska thrift store, something like $15), and I don't wear it nearly often enough. I'd pass it by in the closet, thinking "ugh, I just don't want to have to acknowledge people today, and everyone feels the need to say hello when I wear this", until I realized that buying a bright fuckoff red cape with fur trim is an indication that yes, this is for looking at. (And showing off on one's blog, obvs.) Comment away, passers-by. Wallflowers don't wear winterwear such as this, after all.

Red wool cape with rabbit fur collar, vintage; opera-length
gloves, vintage; boring black tights; boots, Enzo Angiolini.

I also had a board meeting this morning and needed to wear something that said "listen up, yo". Red will do that, especially as I rarely wear red. (The dress is more a true red than this picture will do justice: a blue-red, not nearly as magenta as it looks in this shot.)

Fold-neck dress, Target; belt, vintage; Until There's A Cure bracelet; Allumonde ring; watch, vintage.

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