check my swag and get up to date

I woke up this morning with Kanye in my head, and I think that strut carried me through the day and into three rather lovely professional triumphs. I've been feeling like a baller all day, and it's awesome.

Thankfully, I dressed well to go with my swagger today, because at 3:15 this afternoon I got the news that I'd gotten the hook up to attend a reception with Justice Sonia Sotomayor... at 3:30. Yes, really. Sometimes I have to step back and say, "wait, real life, really? sweet!"

Dress, Target (yes, I wore a Target dress to a reception with a Supreme Court
Justice); scarf, Forever 21; brooch, vintage; tights, Hue; bag, Matt & Nat;
heels, Etienne Aigner; watch, Nixon; bracelet, Until There's A Cure.

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