I have exactly fifty-three weeks until I turn 30. I wonder how that Thirty Before Thirty list is coming along, eh?

  • Have a season subscription to a theatre (The Hypocrites)
  • Surprise someone with a lavish, extravagant present for no reason at all other than that I love them
  • Can/preserve some food
  • Donate to an arts organization I love
  • Grow orchids
  • Invest $50 in a stock
I Swear It Can Happen
  • Learn to drive a stick shift
  • Have a season subscription to the opera and to a dance company
  • Get acupuncture for my wonky shoulder, hips, ankle, back, omg I am broken
  • Learn to surf (countdown to Peru and surf lessons: four weeks!)
  • Complete a mini-triathalon
  • Pick up the tab at the grocery store for someone who needs it
  • Be able to ice-skate backwards (I am working assiduously on this.)
  • Spend two weeks eating a Raw Foods diet
  • Attend a yoga retreat or one of those intense weekend-long yoga workshops
  • Learn basic conversational Spanish
  • Read a book in French (and no, rereading Huis Clos/Le Petit Prince/anything I read in high school or college for French class doesn’t count)
  • Take a serious wine-tasting class
  • Be able to give really good career advice to someone
  • Finally be able to parallel-park with confidence
  • Travel somewhere completely new, solo
  • Attend one of those “secret” dinner parties (yeah, they were trendy a few years ago. So what? I still think a secret dinner party sounds like a good time.)
  • Actually decorate my apartment, rather than just putting all my stuff in it and hoping that it might not be too terrible-looking
  • Get my Slouching Towards Bethlehem tattoo
  • Try a regional/ethnic cuisine that I have zero familiarity with (Inuit? Dutch? Egyptian?)
  • Go on a camping/biking trip that crosses at least two states in one day (Admittedly, this is relatively easy in Chicago: one can bike to Indiana or Wisconsin via trails that are structured for rather leisurely cycling.)
  • Watch a game in the new Yankee Stadium
Um, I'll Do That Later
  • Visit the catacombs
  • Visit my sister in Hong Kong
  • Attend a real masquerade
  • Learn to snowboard

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FFAF said...

I think maybe I've forgotten how to drive stick. How sad! Also? Your secret dinner party reminded me that I still totally wanted to have a cheesy murder mystery party.