hoof it

I am deeply, ridiculously susceptible to suggestion, especially when it comes in the dulcet tones of Bill Cunningham. (He just wants you to look good! And take your photo! Well, if you are impossibly gorgeous and/or Important, that is. Small details.)
So naturally, I am now on an obsessive quest for ankle boots. Join me.

Like a sherpa, but for awesomeness instead of Everest. Does the fleecy lining mean they're practical winter-in-Chicago footwear? Please?

These are like the shoe equivalent of Bambi, all fawn-colored and pettable. If that's not creepy. And it probably is.

Do you know how fucking tall I would be in these? (Yes, approximately 6'1".)

Back zipper: "I hate to see you go, but I love to watch you walk away."

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