I was in the throes of a rare soft-creamy-nougat-center moment of sappiness a week or so ago (damn you, end-of-year retrospectives for prompting one to take stock of one's year). Turns out, 2010 was pretty fucking excellent. I tried to think of one highlight per month, but that fell apart when I hit "March", so here goes: a year's worth of my brain saying oh my god I am so lucky to be right here right now.

January 2010: C comes to Chicago on a surprise birthday visit. Definite highlight of 2010; nothing can top that.

February 2010: I saw "The Cabinet" at Redmoon Theatre. Mind = blown. Truly one of the most perfect things I've ever seen on stage.

March is a blank.

April 2010: my lovely Emult got married. I was her maid of honor, a duty that I thought meant "show up, keep bride's glass full of champagne, give speech". She is excellent and did not mind that the really involved Maid of Honor stuff didn't happen.

May 2010: spent a gorgeous summer's day inside a windowless garage, watching the Beckett Festival at Steppenwolf. Grinned like mad.

June 2010: had my first meeting with the New Millennium Orchestra for a consulting project. Fell a touch in love with their manifesto. (Yes, really, going to a meeting was a highlight of 2010. I fucking love this orchestra, and they don't seem to mind that I don't really know anything about music.)

July 2010: went to Minneapolis for work for a few days, didn't sleep, instead decided to simply walk around the entire city swooning for 72 hours. It was absolutely worth all the sleep deprivation. Plus, Pizza Lucé delivery.

August 2010: in the span of four days, I saw one of the greatest original productions in recent memory ("That Sordid Little Story" at New Colony), saw The National play a fucking killer Lollapalooza after-show until something like 4 a.m., and saw Joan Jett & the Blackhearts play a free concert. August was obviously amazing.

September 2010: I've got nothing.

October 2010: LCD Soundsystem at the Aragon Theater. Lifechanging, people.

November 2010: I went to NYC and (finally!) met A Lady, then spent a long weekend wearing her alpaca slippers.

December 2010: saw Doomtree play a balls-out amazing show at the Bottom Lounge, played thumb war with P.O.S. immediately following the concert.

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chels said...

I can't believe the Amazing Maize Maze didn't make the list. Imma pout now.