success story

The satisfaction I have at checking off "learn to surf" on my Thirty Before Thirty list is immense. Because let me tell you, surfing is fucking hard. Especially in my case, when you're faced with the obstacles of 1) general uncoordination and 2) a wave that dragged you under twice, sucking out the contacts from my eyes so I had to surf without usable eyesight.

Severely compromised vision be damned, this was fantastic.



Yesterday I bought a bottle of aspirin, per doctor's orders*. I was mildly distracted, per usual, and grabbed the box that said "aspirin" off the display next to the register because it also said "SALE". I almost never take aspirin, so I read the recommended dosage information when I got back to work and thought to swill some pills down with my lunch.

"Adults: take 4 to 8 pills with a full glass of water. Do not exceed 48 pills in 24 hours."

The bottle of aspirin I bought contained 36 tablets. I was immediately tempted to take the entire bottle of pills in one ultra-dramatic gesture, but then I'd have to buy another bottle to even reach the maximum dosage limit for the day, and I didn't really want to make another trip to Walgreen's. Apparently I purchased low-potency chewable aspirin (why does this exist?) in lieu of normal painkillers, which means that I am now really enjoying the effect of taking a literal fistful of pills when someone happens to be watching.

*Chief among the doctor's orders was the exhortation to triple-check that I've remembered to put sunscreen on my face before doing something like, say, falling asleep on a beach for four hours in direct South American sun and sunburning the everloving fuck out of my visage.


vacation, all I ever wanted

It is currently 4° in Chicago.
I love winter, but oh sweet jesus am I looking forward to Sunday. Because, friends, on this Sunday morning, I get on a plane to Peru for a weeklong beach vacation where I will learn to surf oh my god I cannot wait. (hi there, Thirty Before Thirty goal!)

My current packing list for a week in Máncora is as follows:
3 swimsuits
2 pairs cutoffs
3 wifebeaters
1 pair flipflops
1 sundress
1 fedora
1 pair sunglasses
1 bottle sunscreen

...I don't actually think that I'll need anything else. Except perhaps my self-satisfaction at leaving town during such a cold snap.



Talking about yoga last night

S: "My friend loves Bikram yoga. You should try it! It's apparently all toxin-removing and such. For health!"

me: "If I were to remove all toxins from my body, all that would be left would be a pile of skin and some nail polish. And maybe mascara. I'm fairly certain that my skeletal system has been replaced by a scaffolding made of various toxins."