vacation, all I ever wanted

It is currently 4° in Chicago.
I love winter, but oh sweet jesus am I looking forward to Sunday. Because, friends, on this Sunday morning, I get on a plane to Peru for a weeklong beach vacation where I will learn to surf oh my god I cannot wait. (hi there, Thirty Before Thirty goal!)

My current packing list for a week in Máncora is as follows:
3 swimsuits
2 pairs cutoffs
3 wifebeaters
1 pair flipflops
1 sundress
1 fedora
1 pair sunglasses
1 bottle sunscreen

...I don't actually think that I'll need anything else. Except perhaps my self-satisfaction at leaving town during such a cold snap.

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FFAF said...

Hot-cha-cha! Excellent! You certainly deserve it and I cannot WAIT to hear all about how incredible it is. XOXO! BON VOYAGE!