feathered friend

I was going to write an ode to the wonders of the owl-cam, but the Belgian Waffle has done so already, and it is brilliant.

I, too, am especially fond of the owl method of parenting, as it seems to be limited to plunking one's body down upon the offspring, napping, and eating the various treats brought by one's owl-partner with alarming gusto. I could possibly be convinced to have children someday if my parenting responsibilities were limited to sitting, napping, and eating takeout brought to me by owl-friends.

In the spirit of both owl-cams and the ever-amusing Hungover Owls, I think a daily owl hangover contest should be instigated. Five owl-cams will be chosen for morning check-ins at, say, 10:00 a.m.; whichever owl looks most appropriately hungover at that time is deemed the winner.

(Pro hangover tip: pedialyte.)

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Musicians 4 Harmony said...

sitting, napping, and eating takeout brought over by friends...sounds like Cincinnati weekends.