Impulse purchases at ethnic groceries are fun.

Especially when the impulse purchase is driven by nothing more than "oooh, that's a hell of a violet color!"

Judging by the picture of some sort of berries on the label, I figured this jar of ultraviolet powder would probably lend itself well to some sort of creamy dessert experiment. Googling "kala jamun jambul" brought up exactly nothing useful, but after much preliminary taste-testing (read: licking my fingers and sticking them into the jar), I figured that it was some sort of powdered berry concoction. Thus, kala jamun panna cotta!

I used this Splendid Table recipe as the base, cutting back a bit on the sugar (no ingredients list exists on this little jar of mystery, but I figured it probably involved sweetener), and dumping in about 3 tablespoons of kala jamun to start.

It was insufficiently purple, so once I took the cream off the heat to beat in the sour cream, I tossed in another two ounces or so, using about half the jar.

That is some intensely violet powder, but it came out in the end as a barely-lavender tint to the panna cotta, and with very little blackberry (? I think it was supposed to be blackberry?) flavor.

As seen above, my unmolding of the panna cotta was less than expert, as I put the ramekin into a hot water bath and then, um, kind of forgot about it and melted the outer layer of custard.

Whatever, in the end, there was panna cotta. If anyone argues with "have some homemade panna cotta!", they are a bastard.

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