gluttonous goals

Greek yogurt, honey, tapioca, jackfruit, phyllo.

"Shepherd's Salad": starfruit, feta, sweet basil, olives.

Fried smelt, curry, mango.

I like it when achieving goals tastes fucking delicious.

Thirty Before Thirty is underway (countdown: six months to go!), and let's face it, I'm quite unlikely to get to France or Hong Kong in the next six months.

But! "Attend one of those 'secret' dinner parties" was not only easily achievable, it was absolutely aces. I was too interested in devouring everything immediately to take many photos, but these are passable.

This lamb course, oh my god. The upside of dining with several medical-research types who run experiments on animal brains is that they might make a slightly squicked-out face and invite you to take the sweetbreads from their bowl and add them to your own. Yum. (Lamb shoulder, pickled lamb tongue- which had the strongest lamby flavor and was my favorite-, and lamb sweetbreads.)

The sauce poised over the bowl was delicious but lip-searingly hot, creating the "I want to drink this with a straw" vs. "my entire face is on fire" dilemma.

My favorite of the dishes, the avgolemono with chicken, chilis, and peanuts, was not photographed. Probably because I had my head down in the bowl like it was a trough.

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