Thank god for Kentucky-transplant friends who live down the block and host a Derby party each year; also thank god Animal Kingdom won, because that means I got to collect $19 in winnings yesterday, and that $19 paid for my cover charge and cab home from the bar last night.
God I love a themed hat.

Dress, Target; hat, homemade; shoes, Marc Jacobs.

I bought these shoes in Kentucky, appropriately enough. I got them in 2008 and have not worn them ever until this year's Derby. (It was always too cold for peep-toes, or too rainy, or the yellow corduroys I wanted to wear them with were dirty, or any manner of other impediments to their wear.)
For never being worn before, they held up admirably through a Derby party, a play, and hours of dancing at the Windy City Soul Club last night.

Finally, benedictine. I don't understand it, but it involves cream cheese, so I will eat it. The South alternately baffles and intrigues me.

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