Hello there, deeply unflattering photo of me!

Chambray shirt, J. Crew; chambray skirt, Ann Taylor; tights, dunno; boots, Zappos outlet house brand.

Ok, yes, the sour face I am making is doing me no favors, but aside from that: this outfit does not work.

I have, after all, a giant full-length mirror in my living room where I should stop and do a "do I look decent?" check before leaving the house each morning. Did I do this here? No, I did not. Because this outfit just does not work.

(A Lady does an excellent tutorial on Why Some Things Work or Don't. She has much wisdom on this.)

Why doesn't it work? For starters, the heels are not high enough. (They never are.)
Also, the red tights make this look, to me, as if I am dressed in some awful interpretation of Nebraska: the double-chambray (a Midwestern tuxedo effect?), the red, the brown... I can't quite explain it, but it's just unflattering.

And why did I wear a black shiny watch with this, huh? (Habit, obviously. And I love that watch, but not with this.)

I wore this at work all day and was so displeased that I needed to remedy it and purge it from my system this evening. The improved version:

Kiss of Death pendant, Culp Baubles; pumps, Steve Madden.

What's better here? Well, first off, more leg. When the silhouette of the shirt + skirt is straight up and down (especially since I have zero natural waist, for real), and the double-denim thing could too easily go casual, leg helps. The high-high heels are aces for this. (It's a trope because it works, people.)

Also, jewelry. No to the black shiny men's watch, yes to the pendant: it's a little thing, really, but to have something interesting happening atop the chambray-on-chambray goes a long way.

Note to self: look in the mirror before you leave the house, seriously. Or else the full-length mirror at work in the unflatteringly-florescent-lit bathroom will surprise you in terrible ways.

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J.Gold said...

I hate it when I do the look in the mirror right before leaving the house when I'm running late and there's no time to change and THEN notice that my outfit doesn't work. I think I like that even less than noticing it at work.

You have great legs.