parallel or together

This ensemble started out as Mia Wallace by way of Rizzo. But then reality, as it does, got in the way.

Button-up, J Crew; velvet skinnies, Uniqlo; heels, Seychelles; bracelet, Until There's A Cure.

1) I am still utterly unable to find a white button-up shirt that I do not hate. Can someone please, please make a nice mid-weight, opaque (none of this flesh-toned camisole necessary shit, oh my lord) non-button-down-collar, non-stretchy button-up shirt? Because I will buy it, I promise.
2) the cropped skinny black pants I wanted to wear were mysteriously covered in bike grease and cat hair. Ok, it's not really a mystery, but it was still frustrating, despite being entirely my fault.
3) whatever, a leather jacket fixes it all.

4) also, a flask. That's important.
In the interest of professionalism, do note that the flask was only added to the ensemble after I came home from work and headed off to see the Ted Leo concert. Yes, it's Cinco de Mayo, but I am not (yet) bringing booze to work.

Smoky quartz earrings, Five and Two.

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