always a new city grows as the old one is shrinking

“Always a new city grows as the old one is shrinking and a person’s ability to arrive in some comfortable state with both cities has a lot to do with money. Not necessarily having it, but having a good relationship with it. Either you step down into the city from a large comfortable loft, or apartment, or an entire building in Brooklyn and feel the city likes you, or else you are in possession of a small rent-stabilized apartment in Manhattan. Or even a hotel room.

Often, the person in the loft and the little apartment or room know each other. That is the traditional definition of cool. Because rich people need poor friends (but not too poor!) to maintain their connection to the struggle that spawned them even if they never struggled. Poor people tend to know what’s going on plus they are often good-looking, at least when they are young and even later they are the cool interesting people the rich person once slept with, so the poor person always feathers the nests of the rich. If something bad happens to the poor person, the rich person would help. Everyone knows that. An artist’s responsibility for a very long time is to get collected, socially.”
--Eileen Myles, Inferno (A Poet's Novel)

(New York-centric, not midwesterly as my brain is going right now, but yes, I am more than a little in love with Inferno at the moment.)


Designer Dresses said...

That looks like a surprisingly interesting read. Made a note, will look for it the next time I am anywhere near a book store. Thanks for sharing this, I wonder though, is the rest of the novel sort of like an expression of thoughts/conjecture ideas or does it at some point turn into a story of some sort?

nadarine said...

it's more a... stream of consciousness story? There's a timeline, and a story, but not so much a straight-line narrative going on. Well worth a read.