living the high life

Shower Beer Saturdays! Even though perhaps I over-imbibed slightly on Friday night and starting Saturday morning with a cold beer was not exactly first on my priority list.

Then again, High Life is pretty much always a good idea.

  • Refreshingness: (8)
  • Lack of slipperyness when you are holding the beer with potentially soapy hands: (8) The nubby bits on the bottle are good for this.
  • Does it smell weird when I drink it right after using my bergamot body scrub?: (7) Nope! The bergamot smell actually goes really well with the corn-and-lemony smell of the beer. Like an apertivo of exfoliations.
  • Bonus round: yes, it's cheap as fuck, but it tastes like grad school nostalgia to me. (+5)

High Life shower beer score: 30 (out of 35)

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