no scrubs

Today, an email exchange I’d been having with a potential paramour took a hard right turn from flattery, flirtation, and general wooing into terse dismissiveness.

The cause? In a conversation about music, I mentioned the Ghostface Killah remix that was currently thrilling my brain, followed by my brief and surprisingly-not-aggressive defense of hip-hop when the potential paramour expressed his immediate disgust with my appreciation for hip-hop. (When I say "disgust", I mean instant "ugh, I can't believe you enjoy that" replies.)

Even the Wu-Tang Clan + Fugazi mash-up could not bridge that gap, it seems.
So: au revoir. Flattery is nice and all, but if you are going to roll your eyes every time I get excited about rap, you’re going to exhaust yourself in short order.

Mama said knock you out… of the dating pool.


SBJ said...

Um, this was brillz. Well done. PEACE OUT, LOSER.

Morgan said...

Best closing line ever.

Kaye said...

hope this was not your bike twin!

Fanya6 said...

Is this who I think it is? Boo-urns.