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Classing this shit up, yo.
I had an early-morning work event (brunches should always involve bloody marys, yes? Yes. Except when the work brunches involve a bunch of high-school students and a jug of vodka would be inappropriate, and goddammit that was my morning), which means that by 1 pm I was very, very ready to come home to a delicious shower beer.

Note to the rest of the world: if you are in Chicago, get a Goose Island beer. You will not regret it.

  • Refreshingness: (7) Moderately refreshing, but it's a bit too complex to be perfectly shower-appropriate. I feel bad for saying that.
  • Lack of slipperyness when you are holding the beer with potentially soapy hands: (7) The paper label gets shredded easily, which means that the slippery glue backing becomes quickly exposed. Oh no!
  • Does it smell weird when I drink it right after using my bergamot body scrub?: (7) Too much floral! Damn it!
  • Bonus round: C'mon, it's a Chicago beer, I have to go all Local Boy Does Good here. (+4)
Goose Island Fleur shower beer score: 25 (out of 35)
(I'm sorry, Goose Island. I do enjoy this beer mightily, but it has just proven that it's too fancy a beer for the shower. I mean that in all the best ways.)

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