she walks on the city

I've paid bills for the night, so now I can open that folder on my desktop entitled Shoes I Want, right? Right.

We're sensing a theme, non?
(I wear a size 8 1/2 or 9, by the by.)


helen said...

Dude. Let me tell you. 1) I own those Steve Maddens, and they are SO AMAZING that I'm actually thinking about ordering a second, identical pair just so that when the first pair falls apart (which will be soon, since I've worn the shit out of these shoes this summer), I will not cry. Buy them. 2) The Aldo shoes? Are exactly the same as the Steve Maddens, except they look cheaper and the wedge scratches more easily. Do not buy them.

C said...

dude...those Aldo shoes are the ones I wore when we hung out in DC!