nice work if you can get it

Me, at concert: "Ooh, that guy's cute. The one in the green jacket. Heyyyyo."

Stacey: "Which one? The one that looks like a teacher?"

Me: "No, the one that looks unemployed. I have a type."


ballad of the easy life

Belated fanciness!
Dress, JFA Nidson (bought at a warehouse sale this spring and I can't find any record of this
brand existing in life. Was this someone's design-school project? Inform me, o those who
may know!); big-ass cocktail ring, Marc by Marc; doctor's bag, vintage; heels, Maxstudio.

The New Millennium Orchestra had a gala a few weeks back and I got to drink free wine and sit in a swanky box seat at Orchestra Hall. Pinch me, this is sometimes my life.


lady sings the blues

What did you do with your Sunday night? Oh, y'know, stopped by this little gallery space to hear some orchestra friends play Marriage of Figaro, the usual.

Dress, vintage (the tag on this said "take me to the opera!";
ok then, dress, I shall); shoes, Steve Madden.


drink up, buttercup

Shower Beer Saturday has been good for amusement and the revenues of the bodega on my corner; bad for my liver.

The standings, after ten rounds, are as follows:

winner: Shiner Ruby Red, 9 points
loser: Modelo, 0 points and a hangover

winner: Sofia Blanc de Blancs, 10 points
loser: Modelo, 0 points and life was really hard that morning

Does it smell weird with my shower products?
winner: Shiner Ruby Red, 10 points
loser: Modelo, "everything is bad"

Utterly arbitrary bonus round
winner: we have a tie!
+5 points for both Miller High Life ("it's cheap as fuck, but it tastes like grad school nostalgia to me") and Sofia Blanc de Blancs ("IT'S A TINY PINK CAN OF SPARKLING WINE WITH A TINY PINK BENDY STRAW, COME ON, IT'S GODDAMN ADORABLE").
loser: I didn't even try to think of something nice for the poor, maligned Modelo. The lowest bonus round score thus goes to Delirium Noël ("it's not the saddest high-alcohol-content thing I've drunk in the shower recently"), +2 points.

Overall Winner: Shiner Ruby Red, with 31 points. Perhaps I should pre-order a couple cases next May to stock up for all my forthcoming shower beer needs.



Hello, gorgeous.

(and thank you, insurance company. Seriously, thank you; the bike makes my brain happy.)


dollars and cents

Amongst the raindrops: brunch, vintage shopping*, farmer's market, writing, gallons and gallons of tea.

Cape: vintage; belt, Target; clutch, Matt & Nat; jeans, Uniqlo; flats, Steve Madden.

*Stop #1: The Vintage Bazaar, where I fondled all manner of smoked glassware and every metallic brocade shift dress within petting distance. Am I going to pay $40 for a set of silver-tipped cocktail glasses and matching martini pitcher? No, but I am going to make mental notes of such things and then purchase them for $8 in the lower midwest this fall/winter.
Stop #2: my favorite of the Mexican thrift stores. I cannot explain why, but this particular thrift store always, always has a glut of hollow-stem champagne coupes (aka josephines, entry #4, yes I am trying to make fetch happen) for sale. I don't know where they come from, why they always have them in stock, or why none of them ever match but are packaged as a set, but for $2.79, I will not question it.


the DTs

me: dude. you're going to be v amused by this week's shower beer.

S*: oh really?

me: it is hella boozy, completely unseasonal, and possibly expired.

S: hoshit. what is it?

me: (thanks, corner bodega.)

Uh huh.

I wanted to drink a Delirium Tremens in the shower this week, but the bodega had only this: the suspiciously out-of-season, covered in grime, "Happy Holidays 2010!" Delirium Noël. Also, this bodega is beginning to worry about me.
  • Refreshingness: (4) At this point, I'm drinking out of duty.
  • Lack of slipperyness when you are holding the beer with potentially soapy hands: (6) Bottle so heavy. Would this have done better in a pint glass? Perhaps.
  • Does it smell weird when I drink it right after using my bergamot body scrub?: (9) Bergamot goes well with christmassy beer? Apparently.
  • Bonus round: Well, uh, it's not the saddest high-alcohol-content thing I've drunk in the shower recently? (+2)
Delirium Noël shower beer score: 21 (out of 35)

*the whole Shower Beer Saturdays series was S's idea. Blame/thank him.



shower beer Saturday will be... postponed. I am currently drinking, don't worry- however, the drinks are in champagne glasses in a cabin at the Indiana Dunes.


black and blue

Two weeks ago today, I got hit by a truck while biking to work.

First things first: yes, I am fine. The bruises, while disturbingly impressive and numerous, have faded, and I am concussion-free. Wear your helmets! SAFETY FIRST!

This is not the first time I’ve been hit by a car (once prior while running AND IN A CROSSWALK, once prior while biking AND IN A CLEARLY MARKED BIKE LANE), but it was the most serious car vs. self collision I’ve been involved in.

Not much more will be said, due to the impending involvement of lawyers (yay! lawyers!), but the accident totaled my gorgeous, perfect, beautiful Surly Cross-Check. That bike, which took me to Hammond, IN (two-state ride complete!) and back this August, is completely un-ride-able.

When did I first cry about this accident? When the bike shop told me that my bike was totaled.

I crave riding again, both mentally and physically. The question here is: black or blue?


hello brooklyn

Holy whoa, it's Labor Day weekend already? Time to start drinking.

  • Refreshingness: (8) This, I think, is the first lager I've done for Shower Beer Saturday. Heavier than your PBR, of course, but still wonderfully refreshing. I was going to say "good for an early-fall brisk day's shower beer", but it's already nearly 90 degrees here, and it was still delicious.
  • Lack of slipperyness when you are holding the beer with potentially soapy hands: (8) It's actually a wonder that I've not yet dropped a can/bottle of beer in the shower yet this summer. Be proud.
  • Does it smell weird when I drink it right after using my bergamot body scrub?: (8) The bergamot shower scrub was re-purchased, and though the Brooklyn Lager doesn't gain anything from proximity to bergamot, it didn't detract. In the interest of science, I used the bergamot scrub on my left side, and then used vanilla body scrub on my right: the vanilla smell definitely enhanced this beer. Lesson: proceed to hold and drink this beer only with my right hand, because that smelled lovely.
  • Bonus round: Definitely had this song in my head during the entire shower. (+4)
Brooklyn Lager shower beer score: 28 (out of 35)