black and blue

Two weeks ago today, I got hit by a truck while biking to work.

First things first: yes, I am fine. The bruises, while disturbingly impressive and numerous, have faded, and I am concussion-free. Wear your helmets! SAFETY FIRST!

This is not the first time I’ve been hit by a car (once prior while running AND IN A CROSSWALK, once prior while biking AND IN A CLEARLY MARKED BIKE LANE), but it was the most serious car vs. self collision I’ve been involved in.

Not much more will be said, due to the impending involvement of lawyers (yay! lawyers!), but the accident totaled my gorgeous, perfect, beautiful Surly Cross-Check. That bike, which took me to Hammond, IN (two-state ride complete!) and back this August, is completely un-ride-able.

When did I first cry about this accident? When the bike shop told me that my bike was totaled.

I crave riding again, both mentally and physically. The question here is: black or blue?


Kaye said...


arielauthentic said...

I went with blue:


Colleen said...

with the black one you will be a girl on a bike... with the blue one you will be a girl on an adorable bike, who i take a second glance at because her bike and so cute and, will you look at that... she's cute too!
so, blue.

arielauthentic said...

Haha, I suppose you're right Colleen! I don't mind if the bike gets the first glance. It deserves it. :)