dollars and cents

Amongst the raindrops: brunch, vintage shopping*, farmer's market, writing, gallons and gallons of tea.

Cape: vintage; belt, Target; clutch, Matt & Nat; jeans, Uniqlo; flats, Steve Madden.

*Stop #1: The Vintage Bazaar, where I fondled all manner of smoked glassware and every metallic brocade shift dress within petting distance. Am I going to pay $40 for a set of silver-tipped cocktail glasses and matching martini pitcher? No, but I am going to make mental notes of such things and then purchase them for $8 in the lower midwest this fall/winter.
Stop #2: my favorite of the Mexican thrift stores. I cannot explain why, but this particular thrift store always, always has a glut of hollow-stem champagne coupes (aka josephines, entry #4, yes I am trying to make fetch happen) for sale. I don't know where they come from, why they always have them in stock, or why none of them ever match but are packaged as a set, but for $2.79, I will not question it.

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sc said...

lookin' sharp.

also: you misspelled "josephines".