the DTs

me: dude. you're going to be v amused by this week's shower beer.

S*: oh really?

me: it is hella boozy, completely unseasonal, and possibly expired.

S: hoshit. what is it?

me: (thanks, corner bodega.)

Uh huh.

I wanted to drink a Delirium Tremens in the shower this week, but the bodega had only this: the suspiciously out-of-season, covered in grime, "Happy Holidays 2010!" Delirium Noël. Also, this bodega is beginning to worry about me.
  • Refreshingness: (4) At this point, I'm drinking out of duty.
  • Lack of slipperyness when you are holding the beer with potentially soapy hands: (6) Bottle so heavy. Would this have done better in a pint glass? Perhaps.
  • Does it smell weird when I drink it right after using my bergamot body scrub?: (9) Bergamot goes well with christmassy beer? Apparently.
  • Bonus round: Well, uh, it's not the saddest high-alcohol-content thing I've drunk in the shower recently? (+2)
Delirium Noël shower beer score: 21 (out of 35)

*the whole Shower Beer Saturdays series was S's idea. Blame/thank him.

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