lady stardust

Dark & Stormy, meet Dark & Starry.

I think it was a bounty of starfruit at the Indian grocery that prompted me to make a batch of starfruit-infused rum. Then S. comes along to say "well, clearly that needs to be mixed into a riff on a Dark & Stormy", and a month-ish later, when the rum is ready, behold: the super-duper-nontraditional Dark & Starry. (Except it's not dark at all. Well, I mean, "pale and starry" doesn't have the same ring to it.)

I took the liberty of using a (non-spiced, obviously) white rum for the infusion, because I didn't want the starfruit flavor to be overpowered by molasses or cinnamon or the other things one might find in dark rums. After soaking a bunch of cut-up starfruit in white rum (I think maybe it was Mount Gay? Or whatever was cheap at the bodega, I don't remember) for several weeks, I poured some Goose Island spicy ginger ale (which is nice, because it's not super-sweet and also has a little lime to it, as a nod to the traditional Dark & Stormy) over ice and topped it with the starfruit rum, then garnished it with a starfruit slice.

Verdict: indian summer in a glass. Refrescante!

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