black mirror

I swear, when I started the week, I had plans to only go out on two or three nights. Somehow that spun into "every night! good stuff! I'll sleep when I'm dead!", oops.
But you know what? It's always worth it.

Thursday: launch party for Thought You Knew pin-up calendars. Do you bike? Do you like pretty ladies? Do you realize that I am totally applying to be one of the 2013 pin-up girls?

Sweaterdress, H&M; grey leather tote, handmade by A Lady; the comfiest fucking heels in the world, Seychelles.

Friday: First Fridays at the MCA, "The Language of Less". Greyscale is clearly the only way to go for a minimalism-based exhibition, of course.

Cowl-neck sweatshirty thing, Converse; charcoal velvet skinnies, Uniqlo; black watch, Nixon; black boots, Born.

It's worth noting that these might be the last clean clothes in my house. Really. The laundry has overflowed the hamper, spilled across my hallway, and I fear it will soon become sentient and plan its attack. I am a little terrified, but also a little intrigued by the idea of my dresses starting to line up like a body-less army.


arielauthentic said...

It would be awesome if you made it into the calendar! I can't wait for this year's to arrive. :D

nadarine said...

Thanks @arielauthentic! Oh, I so hope I'll get in to the 2013 calendar.