i wanna rock & roll all night

but in lieu of partying every day, I'll stick with catching up on "Mad Men" and "Dexter", thanks to Netflix Instant.

Yes, these photos are crap. Mea culpa. It's nigh-on impossible to get a decent shot in the evening darkness with a point-and-shoot indoors, but the likelihood that I am dressed for rock and roll times before 7 pm is quite low. (I mean, c'mon guys, it's a four-day weekend. The likelihood that I am dressed at all before it gets dark is pretty much zero.)

Friday night: My Gold Mask
Leather jacket, Moda; ratty grey t-shirt, long-ago vintage (think like high-school era. I'm going to wear this t-shirt until it falls apart, which might happen any day now, actually.); black velvet skinnies, Uniqlo; boots, Zappos house brand; watch, Nixon; turquoise necklaces, vintage.
I tried to bouffant my hair up for this show. It clearly did not work at all. Dammit.

Saturday night: Radar Eyes, Outer Minds, Nobunny, Bloodshot Bill, Tandoori Knights
Same leather jacket, because leather = rock & roll; silk/wool dress, LAMade; knockoff PS-1 bag,
Target; tall purple socks, American Apparel; same black boots and watch as Friday.

Mmm, High Life. (Nails are some cheap dark navy blue thing layered with Milani gold glitter, because: glitter.)

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