bend don't break

There are some lessons in life that I keep being taught over and over, but I never actually learn said lessons.
For example: cross-body bag + button-up shirt = inadvertent unbuttoning of my shirt and not noticing and then wondering why the guy at Walgreens is staring at me. Or, yesterday, the lesson about wide-legged pants and very high heels and being careful while walking in such.

Tie-neck crepe blouse, Express; lace cardigan, Rodarte for Target;
flared trouser jeans, Ann Taylor; heels, Seychelles; watch, Nixon; bag, gift from A Lady.

Shortly after taking this photo, I went down my stairs. I would say "walked down my stairs", but I walked down only two flights, and then sort of tripped and skidded and fell down the last half flight. Wide-legged pants and heels tend to require a little extra awareness when walking on a staircase, but do I ever remember this lesson? Clearly, no.

In addition to the high neck on the blouse rubbing against my throat during the tumble and creating a very hickey-like mark (great. just fucking great.), I also managed to get my left middle finger entwined in the banister somehow. And now, my finger is swollen and not very mobile, and that's really screwing up my Saturday schedule. I have all these errands to run and galleries to go to, and a trip to the emergency room to get an x-ray will take at least 90 minutes, and I'm pretty sure the treatment for a "maybe it's broken, maybe it's not" finger is something like "splint it, ice it, and hope for the best."

Although it does amuse me greatly to see my to-do list for the day written out:
Chicago Ave gallery
bike shop
emergency room?
liquor store

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chels said...

Y'know what's worse than heels + wide leg pants? Heels + wide leg pants WITH A CUFF. I totally busted when I was leaving my boss's office after giving notice a few years.

You have my sympathies. Ice it and keep it above your heart as much as you can.