When at Big Star (go there, eat the Sonoran hot dog, thank me), I like to play a game called Who At This Bar Would I Take Home? Big Star is a fantastic place to play it, too, because if you sit at the bar and angle yourself just right, you can pretty much see the entire room without looking too much like a neck-craning creeper.

Yesterday, while enjoying the luxury of actually getting to sit in one of the booths at Big Star, I played this game with a few friends. I kept pointing out my winners and saying "ooh, look, bonus points for Adventure Boots!". After a few rounds of this, Sophie agreed that yes, most of my choices were take-home worthy, but the whole Adventure Boots thing was a little vague.

These are not Adventure Boots. These are boots you buy for a specific, outdoorsy, sporty purpose. Yes, there may be adventure involved. No, you should not wear them for non-sporty-specific events. No, I will never find you hot in them.

Adventure Boots are boots that you wear with your well-fitting jeans, maybe when you're leaving the house to meet up with friends at the bar, then walk to a dinner party or go to a show or I don't know, go play with a puppy, I don't know what your plans are. But! if while en route to any of these destinations, an Adventure makes itself available, these are the boots that will make participating in said Adventure a no-questions-asked thing to do. Adventure Boots mean you will climb that fucking tree, because running jumping climbing trees (yup I went there) and you will not say "oh, you just go on ahead; I'll stand over here and take photos of you with my phone."
These are Adventure Boots. (For warm-weather times, I also heartily endorse Adventure Chuck Taylors, FWIW.)

I'm not sure what the girly equivalent of this footwear might be, but if that sort of thing is based off my own life, it's something along the lines of I can totally scale that fence in these shoes / fuck it, I'll just throw them over the fence and do that barefoot.

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FFAF said...

I love this and it is totally a thing! I have some with and without heels. Grippy is key!