Best compliment of my week: being told that I looked like "a tomboy go-go dancer" by my coworker. It might not be particularly accurate, but I'm going to make it a point to dress more like that from now on.
(The main parts of dressing like a tomboy go-go dancer, from what I can surmise, are: a short skirt, knee-high stompy boots, thick socks, something chambray or leather, and a big knitted scarf.)

For brunch and theatre-going this weekend:

Chambray shirt, J Crew; knit scarf, Gap; tapestry skirt, Target;
tights & knee-high socks, Uniqlo; boots, vintage.

Muffins for today's brunch are in the oven, coffee's hot, and cava is chilling for mimosas. Weekends are a good time.

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ELVIA said...

Funny the skirt is from Target and it's my favorite piece that you're wearing... I believe it's the print :)