Just over two years ago, I made a list of Things To Do. Thirty things, and my deadline was January 14, 2012. Did I do all of them? Of course not- but I am actually quite proud of the ones I have accomplished. I mean, who knew I would actually bike to Indiana and back? Or go surfing?

So, what haven't I done?
  • Learn to drive a stick shift (well, I am working on it. Stacey is giving me lessons!)
  • Have a season subscription to the opera and a dance company
  • Travel somewhere completely new, solo (ok, halfway. But I did travel to Peru last year! Not solo, but.)
  • Take a serious wine-tasting class
  • Complete a mini-triathalon (uh. I started swimming again, that counts for something?)
  • Pick up the tab at the grocery store for someone who needs it
  • Be able to ice skate backwards
  • Visit the catacombs
  • Visit my sister in Hong Kong
  • Watch a game in the new Yankee Stadium
  • Actually decorate my apartment, rather than just putting all my stuff in it and hoping that it might not be too terrible-looking (Everything but my kitchen is done to my satisfaction! Which, ok, is only three rooms. Four rooms, if you count my entry hallway.)
  • Learn to snowboard
  • Spend two weeks eating a Raw Foods diet (Stacey is going to facilitate / shame me for not doing this soon.)
  • Attend a yoga retreat or one of those intense weekend-long yoga workshops
  • Learn basic conversational Spanish
  • Read a book in French (and no, rereading Huis Clos/Le Petit Prince/anything I read in high school or college for French class doesn’t count)
Travel: Hong Kong, France, New York.
Learn: wine, Spanish, better reading in French, manual transmission in ways that will neither kill an engine nor pedestrians/other motorists.
Physical skills: ice skating, snowboarding, more yoga stuff, mini-triathlon.
Aesthetics: decorate kitchen (prospective theme: Junk Science!), opera and dance subscriptions.
Other: buy someone's groceries, raw foods.

I don't know when I'll finally check the last of these off, or how exactly I'm going to pay for things like travel to Hong Kong and France, but it seems a worthy endeavor. At the very least, watching me try to ice skate backwards will be a source of amusement, no?

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