For three straight weeks, I ate at least one taco every single day. On good days, multiple tacos were consumed across multiple meals.
Then last weekend, a bunch of lovely people fed me things all day- things that were not tacos- and so my rather enviable Taco-A-Day in 2012 streak came to a... well, not to an end, but to a pause.

Wouldn't you try to eat this every day, too? Yes, yes you would.
(And surprisingly, it's not an unhealthy breakfast! If you don't use cheese, it's v low-fat, and so full of protein.)

Go to the Mexican grocery. Buy some corn tortillas. Mmmm, corn tortillas!

Spread some refried black beans (the low-fat Goya or La Preferida ones are my favorites, but knock yourself out) onto the tortilla. Put this happy tortilla in the oven for a bit to warm it up. If you have cheese around, put some cheese on it before you put it in the oven.

While your happy tortilla is warming, make an egg over-medium. I just learned to do this (thanks, Ruth!) and it changed my goddamn life.

Get a skillet with a lid. Put some oil or cooking spray or whatnot in the pan, heat over medium heat. Crack an egg into the skillet- don't break the yolk!- and don't touch it. Don't move it. Just let it hang out. After a quick bit, the egg will be set up on the bottom, but the top will have that gross liquidy white still. I hate that. It's disgusting. But now is the magic part!

Get about a teaspoon of water and throw it into the skillet and then slam the lid down. The water will steam the top of the egg and set that white into deliciousness, but the yolk won't get hard (this takes, like, less than a minute. If you have a glass lid for the skillet, you can see that it's done when the egg looks opaque on top. If not... uh, guess.), and you won't fuck up the egg by trying to flip it and break the yolk and then all the joy of an egg over-medium is ruined.

Your tortilla is warm and happy now! And your egg is done! Top the tortilla with the egg (it will slide v nicely out of the pan- if not all the water's boiled off, use a spatula to pick it up, unless you want to get your tortilla all damp. Eew.) Put salsa on top. Maybe mole hot sauce, too. Maybe more cheese? I will not judge you.



ELVIA said...

Mmm, I love tosadas and eggs! I don't know how to make tostadas though... I usually don't like Mexican food, unless it's cooked by my hubby's dad. I usually put refried breans, grated cheese, avocados, tomatoes, lettuce and salsa (only my hubby's dad's homemade salsa though).

How long do you put the corn tortilla in the oven and at what degree?

I only know how to make scrambled and eggs over hard. Flipping the egg is the worst part, in my view. So thank you for the tips re: eggs over medium.

You're blog is pretty neat! I look forward to reading more posts and keep me posted as well.


nadarine said...

I put the tortilla in for just a few minutes (like, less than 3, or until the other kitchen stuff is done) at about 300 degrees, but it matters not. You just want to warm it up while you're puttering around w your coffee and over-medium egg!