the end of the world as we know it

Oh, god bless a superfluous state holiday. (Especially god bless Illinois, who celebrates both Lincoln's birthday and President's Day, giving me two consecutive Mondays off in February.) Normally, my celebration of a three-day weekend is focused around either 1) pickling/canning things, or 2) getting inappropriately drunk in a city park with Beth.

Well, today Beth has to work, so I got proactive. Like our Founding Fathers would have wanted, really.

The shampoo bottles are for scale. They are normal sized shampoo bottles, not trial-size.

Is it a bad idea to drink a 750 ml 9% ABV beer in the shower? Almost certainly. However, it is a delicious bad idea, which is how I make most decisions.

Let's bring back the scoreboard!
  • Refreshingness: (7) Man, this malty caramel flavor really enhances the "I have the day off, suckers!" self-important joy.
  • Lack of slipperyness when you are holding the beer with potentially soapy hands: (3) This bottle is heavy as fuck and the size of an infant. I'm surprised I didn't accidentally bash in my knee with it.
  • Does it smell weird when I drink it right after using my bergamot body scrub?: (8) Yum.
  • Bonus round: Three day weekend! Shower beer! (+4)
La Fin du Monde shower beer score: 22 (out of 35)