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Sometimes it's 80 degrees for two weeks in a row in the middle of March in Chicago and while you're really excited about that (cutoffs!), you're also looking at your closet and thinking "aw man, I have this new sweaterdress I won't get to wear until, like, October."

Sweaterdress, vintage; tall socks, Uniqlo; boots, Zappos house brand.
Long-ass hair, courtesy Lucia's bossing of my grooming habits.

...Because sometimes your friends go on their honeymoon and do a lot of vintage shopping, and she picks up a dress that she knows she won't wear but looks like something you'd like to have, and she brings it back to Chicago, and then BOOM you have a kick-ass graphic sweaterdress.

Thanks, Danielle. Way to make me look good.


kid extraordinaire said...

HOT HOT HOT!!! That dress was MADE for you!

FFAF said...

Love. This. Dress. What a pal!