PS I made this

I swear that I'm much, much happier than I look here. (Although it is really a sad moment when you have to leave Cal's Bar because you ran out of money drinking $3 beers.)

Dress, handmade; cardigan, clothing swap; socks, Target; boots, vintage.
The bike is a 2011 Surly Cross-Check named Boyfriend.

You guys, I made this dress. Ok, "dress" might be overstating it- it's essentially a wool shroud devoid of any fasteners, darts, or anything else requiring skill. And yeah, the neckline is a little wonky, and I definitely didn't iron the seams flat. But! For something like $12 in wool-blend fabric and a crafternoon at a friend's house, I have new shrouds for work, plus the smirking satisfaction of replying to any compliments on my dress with "oh thanks, I made it."

(Thanks to Steven for photo)


nothing matters when we're dancing

Let's all take a moment here to appreciate that at no point on Saturday night did I spill anything onto my new silk dress, despite dinner involving lots of standing up and dipping skewers into peanut sauce, and having cocktails in an elbow-to-elbow crowded room.

Colorblock dress (shroud what?), Marni for H&M; heels, Seychelles.

I mean, yes, this dress is now drenched in sweat from the Windy City Soul Club dance party and needs a hand-washing tonight. But that's due to my danciness, not my clumsiness.

(Merci to Stacey for photos)



The absolute best part of today was pulling up to a stoplight on my bike behind a guy wearing JNCO jeans and no helmet on a mountain bike (frame and tires!) modified into a fixed-gear*, watching that guy do a ridiculously awkward attempt at a track-stand, and then watching him fall the fuck over while the light was still red.

It's the little things.

*not a single fucking part of that makes sense.