let it bleed

My morning involved a lot of quality time with a giant sheet of plexiglass, a plexi cutter, a hammer, some pliers, and a lot of cursing and bleeding on things.

However, now I have 1) a plexiglass insert around my window air conditioner 2) a bunch of bloody plexiglass shards on my kitchen floor, and most importantly 3) a hella refreshing shower beer. I tried not to let my hand bleed on it while showering.

Happy Memorial Day, and may your weekend craft projects involve a minimal loss of blood and/or limbs, and maximal crafty enjoyment.


city of win

My newest obsession: jewelry and such from the 1933/34 World's Fair ("A Century of Progress!"- oh man, if I make it to 100 years old, that needs to be the theme of my birthday party in 2082). This was spurred originally by the World's Fair keychain I found antiquing over Christmas, and re-doubled by the lovely and well-accessorized Meredith's visit to Chicago this month and her excellent World's Fair ring, and the subsequent k-hole of internet searches for all manner of commemorative jewelry from the Fair.


It's hard to see here, but the links are emblazoned with the Hall of Science.

Art Deco? Yes? Full wrap-around non-repeating skyline? Yes. 

And the best for last: looks like a lovely silver and blue pendant in need of a chain, right? 

But that's not all: it's a motherfucking straight razor. 

Uh huh. I most definitely need that.



Jersey and biking shorts, Borntrager; helmet, Trek; bike, Surly Cross-Check.

A touch different than the usual "worn" posts, but I know DanaMD (to whom photo credit goes as well) is hella proud of my first cyclist lycra purchase.
Also be proud that I woke up at 9:00 a.m. on a Sunday morning to bike to Three Floyds and back fueled by a sleep deficit, pizza, fish and chips, beer, and a significant amount of stubbornness.


to the races

In further cultural appropriations I enjoy making part of my life, for the past five years, I have treated Derby Day like my very own springtime extension of Halloween.
(heh, the "proof" is actually 100 for Old Grand-Dad whiskey)

There is almost nothing I won't hot glue to a hat in service of a theme. This year, that included a pint of whiskey (heavier than I expected, but pleasantly more structurally sound than I feared it would be) and fistfuls of fresh mint.

Yes, I did end up eating and drinking my hat by the end of the night. You can't say I wasn't prepared.