happiness is a warm internet

There have been some shitty weeks happening of late (s'ok, Nic & Mere) and for those times when videos of Lil' Bub just aren't medical-grade enough, here are two things that never cease to make me cackle with delight.

Apply as necessary; rinse, repeat.

1) my friend Tim replaces "girl" in song lyrics with "squirrel".
Knowing this and then singing "Drunk Squirrels"/ "Fat-Bottomed Squirrels"/ "Bad Squirrels" has made my life immeasurably better. I suggest you pick up the habit immediately.

2) SPAGHATTA NADLE, and no, I can't really explain why this gives me such great joy.


. said...

i like the macaroni noodle one. heh.

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